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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Viveza Special Christmas Offer

Regular readers will know how much praise I have for the Aperture and PhotoShop plug-in by Nik Software, Viveza. Its absolute genius. Nik have a special Christmas offer with €100 off the regular price. Now I know the weakness of the pound to Euro is at and all time low, but its still a good offer.


  1. Hey Edmond, I know you're an Aperture user, did you ever give Lightroom a shot? What was your main reasoning for going with Aperture?

    I've added you as a link on my blog too, I hope that's OK -


  2. I did try Lightroom but didn't like the whole segmented / module thing - it felt clunky. With Aperture you just work. For me its more elegant, free flowing and just does it all with simplicity and amazing accuracy. I much prefer the user interface too. When the new plug-in architecture came out it just absolutely proved to me that I had chosen the right program. In this age of multimedia its also really handy as it works well with iMovie, FInal Cut, Soundslides etc...

    Thanks for the link :-)

  3. hello,
    I'm a french photographer and i think exactly the same. i don't even understand were are the functions.
    But i try yet LR.