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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Reuters TV - The Canon 5D MkII


  1. I don't know - I get all psyched up about getting on's podcast - and you go and get on TV!

    Must say though I want the hat as much as I want the Mk2 :D

  2. Hey Phill,

    Interesting podcast. Congrats.

    As far as the hat goes, if you get a 5D MkII, I'll swap you the hat for it :-) Deal?!!

  3. "You might not tell Edmond Terakopian to look at him?!?!?!?!"

    I could tell straight away from the silhouette walking menacingly towards the camera... ;-)

    Personally, I think Canon should give you a free 5D MkII body for the publicity they're getting.

    Ok, it's boxing day, but still not too late for them to stick a surprise gift under the Xmas tree.

    Happy Holidays, Edmond.

    P.S. Meat and potatoes? Hmmm, khorovadz, I guess they mean... ;-)

  4. Hey Onnik,

    LOL!! Menacing?!! Me?!!! LOL!!
    I checked under the tree but alas there wasn't a 5D MkII in sight!
    Yep, khorovadz (meaning kebab) and rice would have been more apt!! LOL!!