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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

400Gb Blue Ray Disc

Pioneer has showcased its 16-layer 400Gb Optical Disc at the Taipei IT fair.
Its due for launch in 2008-2010 in a read only version, but there are plans for re-writeable discs in 2010-2012 and a 1Tb version is destined to follow in 2013.

Whilst optical discs like CDs and DVDs have proven not to be the best solution for archiving digital media, here's a chance for Pioneer to concentrate on not only making these large discs (which are so much better than using hundreds of CDs or DVDs) but also put emphasis on trying to make them archival in nature. Lets keep our fingers crossed!


  1. For sure, it would be nice to see someone step up and make an optical disc that was worth it's weight in gold... 16gb and archival quality would be just that, for now.

    Ed, I saw your portrait that Carlo took of you yesterday - very cool! Might see you on the street some time.


  2. Hi Sime,

    Lets see if it ever happens - I just don't get why archiving long term isn't looked at properly!
    Got to say, I really like the portrait Carlo took - its not easy to make me look presentable!!