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Saturday, 11 October 2008

New Apple MacBooks....soon??

I'm not a big one for publishing rumours; they are often wrong and can be misleading.
However, there are so many rumours about this from the web, and the product is in need of a change, that I think its perhaps a given.
Rumour has it that this Tuesday, October 14, Apple will be announcing its new range of MacBooks, and possibly MacBook Pros. So if you were about to purchase one of these, hold off for a few days.
The rumour mill suggests that the new MacBooks will now be in Aluminium (cut from a single block of the metal using water jets) and more importantly may have a separate Nvidia graphics chip.
Lastly, the price bracket seems lower at the lower end; $800! Naturally this won't suit as a working machine for a busy photographer, but may be just the thing as a light travel laptop.
As mentioned already, all of these are rumours; all I would suggest is wait until October 14 passes before buying an Apple laptop.

UPDATE: Apparently, according to various web sites, this is the new MacBook cover design.
Finally, here's a page of the latest rumours....believed to be true!


  1. "Naturally this won't suit as a working machine for a busy photographer"

    Come, come, now Mr T, have you not taken your Air on assignment before now!? :)

  2. Indeed I have!! Its not my main machine though as I use a MacBook Pro on assignments. The Air was taken on that particular trip as it was supposed to be a day trip - which turned out not to be!!