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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Samsung Announces Wireless Dongle For All Cameras

Fancy sending your pictures wirelessly to your laptop? Is the Canon or Nikon unit too expensive? Does your camera not have that capability? Well, hold onto your hats folks as Samsung has announced its got a new piece of kit out called the "NaBee" (which apparently means butterfly in Korean). With this two dongle set, it will apparently connect to any digital camera with a USB port and send pictures wirelessly to your PC. Alas no mention if it'll work with a Mac though.

"Samsungs NaBee allows for a simple, high-speed wireless communication between a digital still camera and PC. Plug the miniature dongle into the camera USB connector, and its matching dongle into the PC and it connects just like a standard USB cable. NaBee will be available from all major catalog and online resellers, as well as selected retail outlets in December 2008."


  1. Edmond,

    Have you seen Eye-fi? It's an SD card that contains a Wifi transmitter and can upload the photos you take to the Eye-fi website.

  2. Hi Matthew,
    I have seen this but haven't tried it.
    Naturally one problem would be that it won't work in a camera with CF only....although maybe it'll work in an adapter?!
    My other thought is that if a transmitter is on the outside, it should have a better signal as the camera's body will cause some interference.