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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Canon Announce 5D MkII

Canon today announced the new 5D MkII. Two things which caught me by surprise are the 21.1 Megapixel sensor (I thought it would be in the 16 Megapixel range) and a very welcome 1080 full HD video recording mode (with an input for an external microphone).

The original Canon 5D revolutionised digital photography by offering a compact body with a full frame sensor which produced stunning results, even in low light. They seem to have taken this formula and added what we all hoped for to it. The new camera has a faster drive, a new focusing system and is weather sealed.

Press Release:

05.00am 17th September 2008 – Canon redefines the future of photography with the announcement of the photo industries most anticipated Digital SLRs, the EOS 5D Mark II. 

The EOS 5D set the benchmark for image quality, low noise at high ISO and was the first affordable full frame sensor camera. The EOS 5D Mark II sets new presidents for image quality, high ISO performance and operation for the most demanding user and added enhanced functionality.

This is the 1st DSLR camera with a Full 1080 High Definition movie recording.

Features of the EOS 5D Mark II

-        21.1 Megapixel Full Frame Sensor
-        Expanded ISO Range of 50 - 25600 with new 4 level high ISO noise reduction
-        14 Bit image processing with DIGIC 4
-        3.9 Frames per second, up to approx. 78 large/fine JPEGS & approx. 13 RAW
-        3.0" LCD screen with 930,000 pixels and dual anti-reflective coating with 170 degree viewing angle
-        Lens peripheral illumination correction, 26 lenses are preloaded on the camera with a total of 40 lenses available to be stored via EOS Utility
-        Auto light optimizer with the aid of Face Detection Technology automatically lightens and corrects dark areas of the image
-        Copyright information can now be added to the camera with EOS Utility
-        Full HD (1920x1080) and SD (640x480) video recording at 30fps
 (up to 29 minutes 59 seconds per clip)
-        HDMI Output
-        Enhanced "Live View" with Quick Mode phase detection, Contrast AF and Face Detect
-        Improved menu screens
-        External light sensor to automatically adjust LCD brightness
-        AF microadjustment, up to 20 lenses can be registered
-        Improved environmental protective seals
-        Highlight tone priority
-        Compatible with UDMA Mode 6 CF cards
-        Self cleaning sensor unit with dust delete data acquisition and florine coating on low pass filter for easier cleaning with blower

Also announced is a brand new and fully redesigned 24mm f1.4L MkII lens.


  1. Can't wait to hear your hands-on report! Thank heavens, they put an external mic jack on!!! This and the D90, total game changers...

  2. It looks fantastic... except I'm a bit disappointed at the 3.9 frames per second. I was hoping it was going to be more like 5 or 6 fps.
    I'd have liked the ability to optionally shoot at a lower resolution but with higher frame rate. 3.9 fps is a bit limiting in some situations.

  3. I totally agree; I would've liked 5fps. I think the reason Canon didn't go for a faster drive though is that it would put the camera into 1DS MkIII territory. I'm assuming that this would be possible to do in the small body, with a full frame sensor and such huge files.
    I think the lower resolution aspect is a double edged sword. Years ago I had a Nikon D100 which I used on a lower setting; I wished I hadn't! I got a good shot on whilst on a news assignment; this was then needed for an exhibition and although the file interpolated well enough, I wished I'd shot it full res! I think these days with the size of hard disks and their low cost, shooting full res isn't an issue any more.
    I'll post my previews soon (about to shoot out on a job) - having played with it yesterday, I can say its an absolutely phenomenal camera!