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Monday, 22 September 2008

Interchangeable Lens System On Baby Olympus

This sounds very interesting; Olympus has announced that they're working on a micro Four Thirds system camera with interchangeable lenses.
If the image quality is good on this camera and they make some good fast prime lenses for it, it could step in where the Leica M8 failed. Olympus, please make it in black!

UPDATE: Olympus European marketing director Miquel Angel Garcia has confirmed that within the next 12 months we should expect a camera similar to the prototype.


  1. Why black? Don't you want a blue one like the Panasonic G1? ;-)

    Seriously though, have you seen the Olympus Micro Four Thirds in stainless steal with the tan leather inlay? Very retro looking and very cool!

  2. It does look very retro and cool; you're right. However, it also stands out from a mile and just screams "steal me, I'm valuable"! I'd rather have it in black (as an option) to work with.