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Thursday, 3 July 2008


I've just come across the work of Zoriah. I must admit to not being aware of his work, but he has some very powerful images and a very interesting blog.
This picture shows the aftermath of a suicide bomb in Iraq. An elderly man sits as if asleep in a lawn chair. He has in fact lost his life. To read more about the day's events, look here. Please be warned that there are some very powerful images which may be upsetting to some.


  1. Great picture but I would refer it to the "Photoshop Police" with the amount of burning in used to make this image more powerful!

  2. I think that's only a semi-valid point Neil. The burning in hasn't altered the content of the image and is a "traditional" darkroom technique. Its actually more subtle than some of the excellent work we used to see in The Independent when it reigned supreme in the good old days.

  3. Photographer Ian Forsyth put me onto this Zoriah guy a couple of days ago, like you, I admit to never hearing of him and never seeing his images before...
    Some amazing work, it's crazy to think that I have seen a lot of images come from Iraq/Afghanistan, most from the military 'PR' machine - but his work just comes across as so 'dirty' and raw.
    It is a shame, we as established photojournalists have not seen his work - if we haven't heard of him - what chance does 'joe public' have of seeing and understanding those powerful images.

    Matt Kirwan