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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Clash of the Titans: Canon Vs Nikon

Who will take the crown of best DSLR; the Canon 1D MkIII or the Nikon D3?

"Being a working press photographer in London, I come into contact with a lot of photographers. Strangely, photographers from competing news organizations are best of friends once the action of the assignment dies down. Even stranger, Canon and Nikon users live in perfect harmony. Amongst press photographers, brand loyalty is perhaps not as strong as amongst other groups of photographers, and we speak quite openly about issues with gear; both good and bad.

For several years, colleagues who have shot on the Nikon D2 series of cameras have constantly complained on its noisy images and the fact that they can’t shoot at anything approaching 800 ASA and upwards. There were also complaints that Nikon refused to look at full frame cameras and kept insisting that the DX format was the best way to go. Canon users on the other hand were worried about their brand new 1D MkIII cameras and shooting in AI Servo mode in bright light. Thankfully for both camps, it looks like the two giants of DSLR manufacturing have been listening".

I have done a hands on review of both these cameras for the BJP (British Journal of Photography) out on July 2nd. If you're interested to read the rest of the article, get yourself a copy. Also in the same issue is coverage of the winning images from PPY (Press Photographers' Year), showing the best of British press photography from 2007.


  1. I was hoping to see an all out review of the biggest showdown since David and Goliath.

    Then you tell me I have to buy the BJP to see it!


    I look forward to it!

    Matt Kirwan

  2. Sorry buddy! I did do the review for the BJP - it would be unfair to post it up here!
    The magazine came out today, so hurry!!

  3. Christopher Livsey2 July 2008 at 22:33

    Very balanced review of the cameras, which alone is refreshing.
    I wonder if, and even you may not have handled one yet, the D700 changes the balance ? Most of the D3 for less cash ?

  4. Thanks for the kind words Christopher. Not seen the D700 in the flesh....yet!
    If its anywhere near as good as the Canon 5D, then it should be superb for certain types of work. The 5D really revolutionised the reportage world by offering amazing image quality and a small body with a full frame sensor. A huge number of photographers (me included) carry a 5D and a bunch of prime lenses for the more considered type of assignment; its a great tool. If Nikon expand their primes and include AFS motors in them, then they will have a killer system which may well appeal to this market (if the D700 is any good!).