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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Is There A New Leica Coming?

Leica Making The World A Smaller Place

Found a very neat website setup by Leica sharing images taken on Leica cameras by photographers from all around the globe. It's based on Google Maps and well worth exploring as there are some nice images on it.

However, one thing did raise a question; in the text it says, "Each of them was equipped with the same Leica camera". The fact that it doesn't mention what camera and the way the map is used would lead me to guess that there's a new Leica camera around the corner and it has GPS built in.


  1. could be, the GPS built-in option is in the air (twice true :D )... heard that Nikon and other compact camera may have it soon.

  2. It's great news, especially as Aperture 3 fully supports geotagging :-)

  3. Hi Ed, sure there will be a new GPS equipped Leica 'travel' camera.
    I reckon it'll be a Leica badged version of the Panasonic TZ10...but costing lots more than the £349 Panny!

  4. Possibly - there's naturally always a premium for the redesigned Leica (if indeed it is a Lumix) but the image processing is usually tuned towards the Leica look, so it's not just the red dot!