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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

MacBook Pro: Cool As A Cucumber!

Let me paint you a picture; I'm in London and we've got a heat wave on! Its been in the high twenties and low thirties (in centigrade that is!) and I'm stuck indoors working on several projects. I'm editing a huge portrait project in Aperture on my Mac Pro, doing office stuff, accounts, countless emails, Twitter and getting a presentation together in Keynote on my iMac and also in need of scanning in many rolls of 35mm and 120 roll film.
I decided to hook up my MacBook Pro to my Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 ED for this task, and let it scan away whilst I concentrated on working on the other two machines. Like a maniac, I've been sliding my office chair between these three machines for the third day now!

I've always used laptops out in the field to edit and file photos from assignments. I've never had a laptop work intensively for anything more than a few hours at a time; until now. I've been working away from around 10am to around 2am the following morning for three days solid. I'm just stunned that the MacBook Pro has been absolutely stable without even a sign of a hiccup. Its been scanning 220Mb images, some of which have had a lot of processing done (due to scanning settings like shadow and highlight adjustment). I'm just stunned that in this heat (alas, I don't have air conditioning), working solidly all day and evening long, doing intensive work, my little MacBook Pro's just got on with it, without the slightest tantrum. I expect this from the Mac Pro and the iMac, but from a laptop? Amazing!


  1. Ain't that typical!!

    When you can't leave the house because of work - the country endures some of the best weather in decades. Sod's law.

    My only computer at the moment is an older generation MacBook - it gets worked more than most desktops - without a hiccup.


    You sound like you need to get out, You hitting the PPY night??

  2. Indeed! So wrong!! I keep looking out and seeing blue skies and sun.

    Its stunning how well these machines run!

    Yep, planning on being at the PPY opening; see you there?!