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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

UK Folding Three Pin Plug = Genius

This is absolute genius. The biggest problem with the UK plug is that its huge. In laptop bags, its always the item that takes up so much more thickness than anything else and when travelling abroad, it takes up a huge amount of luggage space for all the mains adapters one needs.
This design by Mr Min Kyu Choi is stunning. Lets hope it goes into production.


  1. Edmond,

    that is amazing....especially the 'multi' plug version!!

    great find, great invention - one of those 'cats eyes' ideas!!!

  2. Wow. That looks like a great idea and at the same time simple. You would have thought it would have come into production before now. Hope they are successful with it.

  3. Dammit - I thought of this about a week ago while cramming a plug into a laptop bag! I do hope someone builds it - that will lessen my intense disappointment at not being first.

  4. I saw that too and thought "fantastic". I was going to blog it but you beat me to it! I've standardised everything on 2-pin Euro cables for travelling because they're small and can be jammed easily into a UK socket. The UK plug is a great design but too big. I really hope this new folding plug makes it into production.

  5. Nice find. Saw some comments on Twitter re: Health & Safety. Has this in any way been explored by the designers? Do they have a production partner?
    I am just about to buy a new MacBook Air (I think) and the plug/transformer is indeed the bulkiest element in the bag.
    Would be great to see something like this introduced as an option.

  6. Ben Plouviez, goes to show, we need to be quick with our ideas. Its happened to me a couple of times too, especially with story ideas!

    Ben - sorry chief - you beat me to the Magic Lantern firmware though!!

    Conor, no idea! I can't see any details for the designer from YouTube. I really hope this gets made; its such an elegant design.