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Monday, 30 March 2009

Feature Length Film on a Canon 5D MkII

Searching For Sonny: Elliot Teaser/Canon 5d Mark II from Andrew Disney on Vimeo.

Ok, must admit, I had the idea of shooting a full length feature film on a Canon 5D MkII a couple of months ago and toyed with the concept a lot.....but alas, it just stayed in my mind! Well, congratulations to Andrew Disney and Jeffrey Waldron for making it real!
It seems that the whole film, "Searching For Sonny", is not yet shot, but the trailers were released on April 15. I wish them the best of luck and can't wait to see the finished film.


Behind the scenes / "how to" info by Andrew Disney.

Flickr album of photos from the set


  1. Wow...interesting Edmond, very interesting... ;)

  2. Well, hope you'll do it some time, I'd love to see it :P
    The Sonny trailer looks good anyway! It'll be released on my birhtday date, what a present!

  3. That looks beautiful. I wonder how they got around the audio drift issues? I'd be really interested to know.

  4. You welcome "F".

    HeimanArt - lets hope so :-) ...and, happy birthday in a couple of weeks!!

    Tristan, I seem to remember reading somewhere they used a separate audio recorder, but did also do some with the camera. I think the trailer will prove interesting and give more insight into this. I'm sure I read this on Vimeo - check out the Q&As there mate.