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Thursday, 15 January 2009

New BeachTek DXA-5D XLR Adapter-Exclusive

Here's a photograph of a prototype of BeachTek's new adapter, specifically designed for the Canon 5D MkII. It allows you to use XLR microphones on the 5D MkII. The release is planned for April and should be under $400.00.
It will feature phantom power for the microphone, has level meters and a headphone jack for monitoring audio.


  1. I hope it will get rid of the noise I get when using an external mike on the 5d mk II.

  2. I think it will help as you'll firstly you'll see a level indicator and secondly you can monitor the sound with headphones. Unfortunately the camera will still have auto gain, so in quite times it will crank up and you will still get the hiss. But, supplying the auto gain with the best sound at the correct gain should help in most situations.

  3. That you can't disable the auto-gain is a bit crazy....

  4. my understanding is that beachtek uses an inaudible tone (>18khz?) to trick the agc, so as long as that tone is running the camera's gain remains constant. this can also be done by putting a constant tone on one channel and a mic on the other channel since the agc is linked for both channels.

  5. I'm not too sure on that as the folks at BeachTek are as frustrated as we are with the AGC - I may be wrong. During my own tests of the DXA-2s I didn't find your suggestion to be the case. Maybe in the DXA-5D this will be the case.
    Thinking about your suggestion of adding a tone to one channel, I'm not sure how this would work as you would surely have to match the volume of the tone to your subject.....perhaps I'm not getting it! All this audio stuff is very new to me.