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Friday, 1 August 2008

"Iconic Britain" Competition By Microsoft=Copyright Theft

Microsoft has launched an interesting competition called "Iconic Britain"; a nice idea which alas is wrongly executed. In a nutshell its allowed entrants to enter any work considered iconic; the entrant doesn't have to be the copyright holder. These images will be published on their web site and voted for. According to Microsoft, if an image makes it into the top 100, they will then find the copyright holder and ask for a license.
"Pro-Imaging" has an interesting write up on this competition and is campaigning for copyright infringements to be brought to Microsoft's attention.
Nikon who are a supporter of the competition have thankfully pulled out of supporting the competition following concerns by photographers.
I strongly urge photographers to look through the results when they are published and follow the suggestion made on Pro-Imaging.

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