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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Will We Ever Learn?

I've been in Fromelles (France) for the past few days. Yes, I know, I hadn't heard of it either I'm shameful to admit. It was the scene of a very bloody battle during WWI and they have just started to excavate a mass grave where around 250 British and 170 Australian troops were buried by the German Army.

To find out more about the actual battle, check out this link and the links on that page.

What really struck me was seeing the large area being excavated and the care and respect shown by battlefield archaeologists from Scotland's Glasgow University and members from the Australian Army. It was really touching to meet a couple of Australian families who had made a pilgrimage here as they have relatives which they are sure are here at the site.

However, having driven around Fromelles, one realises that there are numerous graves. VC Corner is home to over 400 unidentified Australian soldiers. At Le Trou Aid Post cemetery there are a further 358 soldiers.

I read the visitors book at VC Corner and there were many touching messages from relatives and other visitors. The message "Lest we forget" was repeated over and over. 
Alas, we keep forgetting the horror of war. I just don't understand how we let this happen over and over again.

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